Don’t Let The New Bankruptcy Law Scare You

Don’t Let The New Bankruptcy Law Scare You On October 17, 2005 the world of bankruptcy law changed for the worse. Or did it? Is it really that much harder to file bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy law? In the run up to the effective date of the new law, bankruptcy filings increased to record […]

Living Wills Can Kill You

Living Wills Can Kill You Obviously, it is beneficial for anyone, in a vegetative state lor not to have a Living Will. But, people need to know that many of the Living Wills utilized today have major problems associated with them. Living Wills Have To Be Clear Much of the problem stems from misinterpretation of […]

Leaving time shares and probates to loved ones

People who face time shares and probate attorney issues have the trouble of deciding what will happen to the property. For those who do not know, probate is the legal process of transferring the property of a person upon their death. Time shares and probate costs a lot of time and money. Time shares and […]

The Budget 2005 & Inheritance Tax

The Budget 2005 & Inheritance Tax Introduction ‘The Government’s economic objective is to build a strong economy and a fair society, where there is opportunity and security for all.” So reads the opening statement of the Labour Government’s 2005 Budget. But the word ‘fair’ is wide off the mark when considering the incidence of inheritance […]

The Role of Your Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Role of Your Wrongful Death Lawyer When a life is cut short by someone else’s negligence, the law in this country says that the only remedy available is monetary compensation. And, after a wrongful death accident, you may be thinking that it is inappropriate to contact a wrongful death lawyer too soon after the […]

Last Will And Testament Planning Is Necessary

Last Will And Testament Planning Is Necessary Ready to start thinking about your Last Will and Testament but don’t know where to start? Choosing an attorney Find a lawyer with related areas of expertise, like estate planning and taxation law. And check with local the Bar Association to see if the attorney has had any […]

One Less Furrowed Brow For 401k Plan Sponsors

One Less Furrowed Brow For 401k Plan Sponsors There was a sneak preview of the Dept of Labor’s preliminary guidance on setting up 401k default investment options. These situations occur when 401k participants fail to select an investment option for their 401k contributions or a 401k default fund is used in 401k plans with automatic […]

Why Probate?

Why Probate? Why Probate? Nobody voluntarily chooses probate. People are too busy or preoccupied with health or other issues to plan. They pass away without a living trust and their heirs—-usually their children—- find that they can’t sell Mom or Dad’s house without a court order or can’t transfer Mom or Dad’s bank account without […]

Is filing Chapter 7 a good idea?

You’ll hear a lot of individuals conclusively state: “bankruptcy is bad.” But why? Why is the basic consensus that declare bankruptcy is a bad thing? While it is true that applying for bankruptcy is evidence of difficulty with individual financial resources, that’s not the entire story. A large part of the reason why people state […]