Charitably Offering to Certain Groups Might Trigger Legal Trouble

When an individual provides to a charity, she or he must think about certain factors and issues that could end up being legal concerns such as taking part in charities that are frauds or those that include prohibited activity either to acquire loan or to disperse it. Involvement in Betting Some charities operate in combination […]

Does My Revocable Living Trust Avoid Ancillary Probate?

If fully moneyed, your revocable living trust avoids both probate, in your state of house when you pass away, and ancillary probate, in any other state where you own property. If you don’t fund your trust, it will NOT avoid probate anywhere. The term “supplementary probate” is used to explain probate in a state other […]

Florida Estate Taxes

Lots of states enacted estate tax programs which supplemented the federal estate income tax laws. Referred to as “pick-up” taxes, state estate tax programs usually picked up where federal taxes left-off. Hence, because most estates did not owe federal income taxes, a small number of Floridians paid state pick-up estate taxes. According to the pick-up […]

An Absence of Estate Planning

Do you have a legal plan in location in case you should end up being psychologically handicapped or in the event of your death? If not, your household may face a long and demanding time in court. When you do not have an estate plan to handle end-of-life problems such as the circulation of your […]

Estate Planning Guide When Legally Separating

In some circumstances, a couple might choose to different lawfully, rather of divorcing. While a legal separation consists of very similar arrangements to a divorce there are certain estate planning issues that legally separated couples have actually that a separated couple does not. It is very important to talk to your estate planning attorney if […]

Financial Abuse of the Elderly

It is beneficial to recognize the fact that estate planning is just one element of elder law, and as older law attorneys it is our task to remain apprised of all of the issues of the day that affect our seniors. One matter that has been getting a lot of attention just recently is that […]

Altering Testamentary Trust Terms

Changing the terms of a testamentary trust might not be as easy as you think. You see, a testamentary trust is a trust that is created in your last will and testament (therefore, the origin of its name), and does not take effect until you die. As is surely obvious, changing the terms of a […]

Conservatorships: Repercussions and Choices

Conservatorships position a person designated by the courts guardianship over an adult that requires support in estate or health care matters, and the effects could ravage the individual. Many complications occur through theft, scams, injury or abuse towards the senior needing aid in his or her life. Circumstances of Abuse Despite the fact that the […]